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Use SEAVA ® Lab to test your air caps before using them in production.

Analyze the effects of spray settings in minutes using only compressed air

The SEAVA ®Lab system provides air cap certification in a compact and portable device. The system is intended for use in maintenance shops and laboratories.

The air velocity is measured by a proprietary multi-point air velocity probe. An indexer is used to position the air velocity probe at preset intervals in front of the applicator. Two flow meters measure mass air flow and pressure to each port of the paint gun (fan and atom). Finally, proprietary PC-based software compiles data from the sensors, controls the indexer and air supply, and compares the data to a master profile and preset limits to determine if the air cap is acceptable.

The test data is stored in the PC as a database for future reference or comparison. Each test is time stamped and dated, and the user may assign a name or serial number to each air cap being tested. Users can create master data sets to be used as the standard for future tests. All files may be exported to Excel for further analysis, or as a JPEG image for E-mailing to colleagues.

When a user creates a master data profile they can specify the number of tests to be taken, the distance between test stops, and the size of the area to be tested. Air supply pressure and air flow can be manually adjusted before each test, and both values for each port are tested for consistency during each test.

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