Online Systems


  Fully Automatic

  Permanently mounted

  Rugged and protected

  Intrinsically Safe

  On-demand verification of equipment performance.

  Reduce booth entry for maintenance personnel

The SEAVA ŽOnline system provides air velocity data from your coatings applicator right inside the paint booth. Electronics are mounted outside the booth, up to 10 meters from the sensor head, insuring intrinsic safety.

SEAVAŽ Online data can be used to determine if your coating system is working properly. If a major component is failing, or has been improperly installed, SEAVA ŽOnline will highlight the problem before you spray valuable material on your product.

A SEAVA ŽOnline system may detect plugged or damaged air-caps and applicators, failing or worn flow-meters, and robot positioning failures. Leaking or restricted air lines may also be detected.

Catching such problems using only your compressed air supply will result in reduced material usage, as well as reducing the number of defects in your process. SEAVA ŽOnline can improve quality, reduce downtime, and decrease defects and rework.

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